Senin, 08 November 2010

Foto Cewek Bandung Remang-Remang

ini adalah foto cewek bandung remang-remang yang seksi dan sangat cantik sekali, sangat jarang menemukan cewek cantik seperti ini.cewek bandung remang-remang
foto cewek bandung remang-remang

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Will Beat Facebook

Will Beat Formspring Facebook - Have you heard the new application called Well, to be honest, it seems not many internet users in Indonesia (especially) who knew of the existence of this application. is one application where users can ask and answer questions anonymously or with the information themselves. A simple application made by it's Formspring simple aim: to answer the questions posed. Just that simple!

So, what is the real usefulness My own guess is still the most essential uses other than just to answer the question. Some of my images are:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

FAQ is the easiest thing imaginable person when using this facility. The format is clear. There was no answer questions. So in the future, you no longer FAQ on your site, but focused on this Could be, Kristiono FAQ Setyadi.NET have to address:

Still in the standard level, not much different troubleshooting with the FAQ. The difference is only in terms of content. FAQ and more general heading of technical troubleshooting. In concept, they are the same.
Mikroblogging Service

Who is not familiar with Facebook and Twitter? Could be, it becomes mikroblogging services only after Twitter in different ways. Who knows?
One-Stop Service

This provides one-stop service to update the status of social media and famous sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger. This feature is very nice to remember my own difficulty to update the status to multiple accounts at once. Saving time is one thing for sure. In the future, this kind of connectivity can be a great leverage if utilized properly.
Online Source

Ever found it difficult when they want to ask something use search engines? This can be a source of new searches for the search engines to serve the search that begins with the question, "how to ..", "can I", "how to ..", "where lies ..", and so on. It has to do with the semantic web? Maybe.
Source Reference

Remember the case of Luna Maya the other day with infotainment? I think if Luna Maya has this account, infotainment could not move slightly more because people will soon know the last condition while updating Luna Maya his account. In addition, we will not be difficult to communicate with those "important" because they answered any questions we ask with a short and clear (of course if the question was not subject to censorship aka delete). And we certainly will know, where we will find the answers if we want to know what he was thinking Onno W. Purbo for example, about the nomination Ayu Azhari became cawagub (if no question, why do not we ask?